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His Sweet Surprise  Music & Lyrics

“One Clear Day”

Gave you my heart it was here on a platter

You threw it away as if it didn’t matter

Gave you my heart

And right from the start you tore it apart

You threw it away

Told you my dreams and how life had a meaning

Loved you whatever way your life was leaning

Gave you my love and smoothed the rough

It wasn’t enough

What more can I say

All of the laughter the tears that we cried

Became an echo of some long goodbye

Took me a while I was wilting away

But I grew stronger and found

Just one clear day

Sat there in silence I was just a token

Of what I used to be bitter and broken

Torn up in two all because of you

And I couldn’t see

The wood for the trees

All of the laughter the tears that we cried

Became an echo of some long goodbye

Now you’re in town and you’re wanting to stay

All that you’re asking for is

Just one clear day

I’m open for love

But it’s not enough

Your head’s in the clouds

Do you think I crumbled away

Alone every day

Gave you my heart

It was here on a platter

“One Clear Day” is a song about getting over a relationship that almost tore you apart. And then, just as you are moving on, the other person has second thoughts and thinks that maybe they won’t find anything better.

The music for this song was written just before I entered elected political life and was left unfinished lyrically for many years. I wasn’t seriously considering recording an album immediately after I’d lost my seat in 2011. A documentary, “The Naked Election” asked me what would I do if I didn’t get re-elected and I said “I’d love to write a book, or record and album, but I’m a journalist by training so I’ll probably try and get some media work.” When the documentary was shown the bit about journalism was left out (probably because it made better TV), so to people who didn’t know about my involvement with music or writing before politics, I probably looked like some deluded Walter Mitty fantasist.

Little surprise then when soon after RTE’s John Murray Show asked me to go the show on April 1, 2011 and pretend I was releasing my debut album for an April Fool’s joke. I thought this might possibly make ME look like the fool but I decided to do it anyway because a) it might lead to different things and b) I liked singing, even if I hadn’t done it for a while.

Going onto the show I decided to pick “One Clear Day” even though it wasn’t 100% finished. I am not sure why I did this. The song itself, lyrically incomplete, was slow and perhaps I thought this might sound better on radio at 9:15am in the morning. Something had to sound better, but surprisingly my voice turned out ok for the early start; it was the guitar that was woeful, not having been played in years!

Some people slagged, some people thought it was a joke, which it was (at the time) and some people were taken in.

Going on the show did lead to me singing elsewhere on TV, on radio, in gigs, finishing off the lyrics for “One Clear Day” and ultimately to decide that yes, I would after all go and record the album I’d meant to do years and years back. So I suppose I owe it all to the John Murray Show!

Unfinished version first sung on national radio as an April Fool’s joke! Actually released as a single on 7th April 2013.