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His Sweet Surprise  News
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20 April 2014 - Hiatus

If music is my labour of love and passion, politics and community is my vocation. This is why I am running as an independent candidate again in the Lucan Electoral Area of South Dublin County Council. The whole canvassing process requires 100% time over the coming weeks, so music will have to take a back seat for now. Time and space will be found for recording if elected (even over a longer period), but definitely not during the busy canvassing campaign. Will be lucky to even look at a guitar or keyboard over the next while, let alone tinkle!

14 February 2014 - Writing songs

Happy Valentines Day! Work is underway on songs for the next album, which could still be up to two years out for a number of reasons. Working title “Songs For Hopeless Romantics”. A real difference in styles for some songs, some dancy grooves and some more suited to swing and big band. Could be two albums worth by the time I am finished. Will keep penning and honing, but no recording until next year.

31 October 2013 - Charts for Molly

Thanks to all those who helped get “Molly Is A Liar” to No. 2 on the 7 Digital download chart. This is the third top ten song from the album!

1 July 2013

DELAYS: Due to an error at 7Digital, there was a one week delay getting the song up onto their website. However this has now been sorted. The video has also been delayed but should be up on YouTube later this week.

17 June 2013

Out today! “Radio (When I Listen To)” remixes. Video now planned for release next week.

7 May 2013

VIDEO OUT EARLY JUNE: The video for “Radio (When I Listen To) has now been recorded and will be released on YouTube in early June.

1 May 2013

RELEASE DATE SET FOR RADIO: Happy May Day to all! The Single “Radio (When I Listen To)” will be out on 17 June worldwide. The EP will include a fantastically upbeat and catchy Long Wave Extended Mix as well as a chance to complete your collection with the Extended Dance Mix of “Wishing On A Photograph”, first released last year.

14 April 2013

STUDIO NEWS: I was in the studio with producer Stephen Brett all day yesterday doing updated mixes of “Radio (When I Listen To)”. There’s a short, 3-minute mix and a full length mix, both of which are subtly different to the album version. There’s also an extended mix, which I tried to make as an enhancement to the original, with sprinkles of extra flavour rather than a completely different “club” melody. I think lovers of the single version will like it a lot. All songs will be available to preview in the coming weeks. They won’t be released until mid June, but should be able to pre-order on iTunes and 7Digital long before that. I also got to do more work on “Molly Is A Liar” and am toying with making its future single release a blend of an acoustic first verse with full drums and keys coming in as the second verse commences. Watch this space…

7 April 2013

OUT TODAY: “One Clear Day” formally released as a single (read more about track in “Music & Lyrics” section. But blink and you'll miss it as it not been promoted in any way. For starters the single version is the same as the one on the album and being a slow song from an independent artist, it’s particularly unlikely to be considered suitable for daytime radio.  The release is just to give people a taster of something more laid back while the remixes for "Radio (When I Listen To)" are being put together in the studio. But if you like the current laid back single, please share on Facebook, Twitter etc!

19 March 2013

NEWS OF NEW SINGLE. It’s official. My next single will be "One Clear Day", out April 7 on Daizel Music. It's about getting over and moving on from a broken relationship.  The song is the 12th and last track on the album "His Sweet Surprise" (out now) and arguably the most gentle on the ear.

9 March 2013

BOXING CLEVER! I managed to survive the boxing and won my bout!

07 March 2013

WATCH PAUL DO HARLEM SHAKE! In this video I start off what is a unique take on the Harlem Shake in advance of the big fight night. Click link: Boxer Harlem Shake

24 February 2013

OFFICIAL LAUNCH of “His Sweet Surprise” the album. Fundraiser on day in aid of Lucan Sarsfields and social partners such as Pieta House, Lucan Lions Club and Lucan Hedgehogs. ONE FREE COPY of the Album for every €10 worth of sponsorship I get in the  “White Collar Boxing Challenge” due to take place on 9 March.

20 February 2013

MOONEY SHOW RTE RADIO 1 - As some of you know, that ended up being a rushed interview due to time constraints. But they did promise to play another track from my album, which got an airing this afternoon.

19 February 2013

MOONEY SHOW RTE RADIO 1 - I will be talking to Derek and crew about the new album and they have also promised to play a track or two.

17 February 2013

ALBUM ON SALE NOW - Album “His Sweet Surprise” officially on sale in digital download sites from today. CD will be for sale via my website from 24 February.

22 January 2013

"Know You All My Life" is Single of the Week on Ocean FM's Play Irish. Gets played every day. Great news. Thanks to Shane Smyth for considering.

21 January 2013

CHART IMPACT for “Know You All My Life”. It's a small thing, but incremental progress as new His Sweet Surprise single "Know You All My Life" moves from No. 5 to No.1 in 7Digital download chart. http://bit.ly/hss3 .

17 January 2013

NEWSTALK - In studio talking music with Tom Dunne on his show.

14 January 2013

PHANTOM FM - Singing new single live this morning on Joe and Keith’s Phantom Breakfast Show.

11 January 2011

“Know You All My Life” the radio edit released today worldwide as a digital download in all leading online retailers.

1 January 2013


24 December 2012

GEARING UP for the launch of my next single. Hope Christmas and New Year are great for everyone!

11 November 2012

Great to hear that my low key and barely promoted radio edit of “Dream Within A Dream” gets the thumbs up from the FM104 jury on “The Juice”. Was torn between releasing it or not, but decided to give in an outing for All Souls’ Day because of the subject matter.

17 September 2012

EAST COAST FM - Following on from the Morning Show on TV3, I will be singing live on another Morning Show with Declan Meehan on East Coast FM after 11:30 today.

4 September 2012

TV3 APPEARANCE - Will be on TV3’s “Morning Show” to discuss debut single. Video will also be played.

3 September 2012

On John Murray Show with Kathryn Thomas discussing music and my debut single!

31 August 2012

RED FM CORK - 62% of Red FM listeners who texted Victor Barry, wanted to to play in “Wishing On A Photograph” full. Thanks guys!

26 August 2012

Debut single “Wishing On A Photograph” released today. Features what I think is a stunning Extended Dance Mix!

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