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His Sweet Surprise  Music & Lyrics

“Alone On Mars”

When the chips are down

And your inner space

Is clogging up

A fall from grace

Elements attract

From the darkest void

Digging in deep

The world is paranoid

And it feels like crazy

In this crowded bar

The laughter is loud

But I might as well be

Alone on Mars

When the mood is high

But you’re feeling low

There’s nothing to aim for

There’s nowhere to go

And you’re feeling unwanted

But what can you do

Your whole life is over

You’re tired and you’re through

And it feels like crazy

Driving in my car

The radio blaring

But I might as well be

Alone on Mars

And it feels like crazy

Here beneath the stars

Lying beside the one I love

But still

Alone on Mars

But that we could lose it

I try I try I try

But that we could choose it

I cry I cry I cry

I cry

I cry

That we could choose

Get on with life

The gods then sigh

At your own rejection

Of saying goodbye

Your objections may prove

That your hidden hand

Was full of aces

And nothing was planned

And after the fight

When the struggle is over

Do you feel any wiser

Or just a little bit older

And it feels like crazy

Looking from afar

Surrounded by friends

But you stayed on your own

Alone on Mars

Alone on Mars

Alone on Mars

Alone on Mars



Probably the oldest song on the album by melody, it was originally a song written in 3rd year of second level school and called “Standing There” about unrequited love, even worse, from a girl you haven’t met yet. Now it has been turned into a universal song about dark, depressing and even suicidal thoughts, but without a tragic outcome. It shows how, in the darkest of times we still have people that care about us if only we could open our eyes. I updated the song only by changing the lyrics in the chorus, and adding in the phrase “Alone On Mars” to give that feeling of being isolated in your own lonely bubble. Most of the verses stayed as they were, with one or two small exceptions. It is not based on personal experience, although I like everyone have experienced times of dark despair. But I felt it was worth dealing with the issue through song lyrics as so many people have been touched by suicide and feel there is no way out except the ultimate solution. I raised money for a charity called Pieta House in the past and I know there are always other options. But many people are overcome by temporary life circumstances and young people in particular can be affected by cyber-bullying. Life has its ups and downs and every feeling and circumstance passes. If you are feeling depressed or contemplating taking your own life, all I can say is talk to people and seek help.

“Surrounded by friends but you stayed on your own - Alone on Mars”